Car rental Kenya

Car rental Kenya

General information and regulations

Whenever the subject of traffic regulations emerges in a conversation the word 'none' comes to mind. The minimum age for car rental in Kenya is reasonably high; 23 years. Some car rental companies even use a 25 years minimum.

Traffic travels on the left and speed limits are often irrelevant. Keep in mind that excessive driving is a dangerous pursuit and a good reason for fines by proud police officers.

It pays to pay attention to details as broken parts often spoil the fun during a trip. A more expensive rental car WILL take you further and IS more reliable in Kenya.

Driving in Kenya with a rental car

The national parks of Kenya are open to visitors with a car although good preparation is in order. Staying overnight in the parks is only allowed in lodges, under supervision of tour-operators. Randomly entering a park by car to put up a tent is strictly prohibited, and, more importantly, very dangerous. Ever since the independence of the former British colony, discontent rules the country. It is therefore recommended to hire a driver with your rental car.

Neighboring countries can be accessed easily, although drivers are advised not to cross the desert to the North. Armed convoys are the only signs of traffic in this region. Travelling to Ethiopia is easy through the city of Moyale, Uganda can be accessed through Busia and Tanzania through Namanga.

There is an ample amount of national parks in Kenya. At half an hour from Nairobi lies Nairobi National Park, another nice park is Lake Nakuru National Park. Here you will find over 400 species of birds, lions, leopards, giraffes, rhinos and more. This park can be reached within 30 minutes as well.

Renting a car in Kenya

When you arrange car rental, the services at the airport are ample. Many large car rental companies are located here. You can use the services of Avis, Budget, Europcar and Hertz.

Another option is booking a car through EasyTerra. This organization compares the rates of local companies for your convenience.