There are no hotels at Sharm el-Sheikh Airport, but there are several hotels and resorts on the beach near the airport. Hotels nearby the airport include Hilton Sharks Bay Resort‎ (Tel. +20(0)69 360 3333), Baron Palms Resort (Tel. +20(0)69 367 0170), Savoy Sharm el-Sheikh Hotel (Tel. +20(0)69 360 2500) and Tropicana Grand Oasis (Tel. +20(0)2 2268 0903). For more hotels and to book online, you can go to They offer a large range of hotels, at competitive internet rates.

Shops and restaurants

Sharm el-Sheikh Airport only has a limited number of eating and drinking facilities and shops.


You cannot store your baggage at Sharm el-Sheikh Airport. For lost-and-found objects you need to turn to the information desk.


In the central hall you'll find an information desk for inquiries about flight schedules and airport services. That is, if it's staffed.


There's a VIP lounge in Terminal 1 (Tel. +20(0)69 362 3304). Other than that there are no business facilities at Sharm el-Sheikh Airport. For this you need to turn to the larger holiday resorts, such as the Hilton Resort (see Hotels) which for example has meeting space and conference rooms available.

Disabled facilities

Sharm el-Sheikh Airport has limited accessibility for the disabled. There are wheelchair ramps, but no adapted toilets. This may change with the opening of Terminal 3 in 2012.

Other services

There are some exchange offices and ATM's in the central hall. You'll also find information kiosks and travel agents.